The "Movimento Violão",  produced and directed by Paulo Martelli, the excellent Brazilian guitarist whose rapid evolution I have closely followed, is truly today the most important guitar event in Brazil, elevating the guitar to a high artistic standard with productions of great sophistication and the utilization of technology to produce recordings of the highest quality. I would like to congratulate Paulo for his inventiveness, determination and for maintaining the highest standards in all that he does. This is already part of the history of the guitar of Brazil in this new stage and affirmation of a concept much broader than music.
Carlos Barbosa-Lima
NY, September 3, 2012.

“(…) Movimento Violão is becoming the “Mecca” of the guitar world. Bravo!”

Raimundo Penaforte

“I consider Movimento Violão to be the most important and including project dedicated to our instrument ever developed in Brazil. The leadership of Paulo Martelli makes a huge difference in the projects’ results. Thanks to his wide music knowledge, open mind and receptiveness for all types of high-quality music, an important differential was created around this project. Besides, Movimento Violão has registered in the most professional and competent manner all its guitar concerts, creating a collection of inestimable value for the history of our instrument.”

Marco Pereira

“Any organization whose goal is to make classical music available to the public acts with heroic altruism. Movimento Violão belongs to that rare category of organizations, whose efforts to ennoble mankind through music deserve my highest praise, as well as my deepest gratitude.”

Jorge Caballero


Movimento Violão is one of the top guitar series in Brazil. It presents some of the world’s leading composers and performers in important venues in São Paulo, recording it with state-of-the-art audio and video equipment for nationwide broadcast. It is a most worthy project, and I am proud to have taken part in it.

Daniel Wolff


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