The Movimento Violão

Movimento Violão  is considered the most important Brazilian guitar  concert series of today. It happens on a monthly basis in the cities of  São Paulo (at Centro da Cultura Judaica and SESC units), Araraquara  (at Teatro Municipal),   Ribeirão  Preto  (at Teatro Minaz)  and,  once  a year, abroad at Kennedy Center, in Washington DC, USA. All concerts  are free and count with the support of an engaging audience.
The  last seasons of Movimento Violão were recorded by SESCTV and are  frequently broadcast on TV and through the internet, reaching a  large number of expectators.    First originated in the city of Araraquara (SP),  Movimento Violão completes ten years in 2013. During this period, the project has been  exceeding expectations, trengthening its prestige and growing  significantly every season.
In 2011, Movimento Violão was the only  Brazilian concert series to be included in Kennedy Center’s  (Washington DC) season. Each Movimento Violão concert at Kennedy  Center is broadcast live through the internet and the recordings are  permanently available at Kennedy Center’s website, taking the  Movimento Violão program to a large audience. The premier recital of  the Kennedy Center branch of Movimento Violão is available at:

In  2011, a DVD and CD of the series were released featuring  highlights of Movimento Violão concerts throughout the years of  2009-2011. This material has been freely distributed in music schools  of Brazil, promoting music culture in a special way. In 2012, the  project created an interactive website with a forum of discussions,  which had two milions of visitors in the first months of activity,  making it one the most visited websites in Google’s list.
In April  of  2013 the second DVD of the series will be released, displaying the  highlights of the series in 2012.  In the 2013 edition, Movimento Violão was approved by Brazilian  cultural program ProAC and in the first semester of 2013 an  additional format  was  also  approved,  which  consists  of  two  young  Brazilian guitarists  internationally  renowed  in  each  recital.  In  São  Paulo, the series will take place at SESC units, which will recorded by  SESCTV. The concerts in Ribeirão Preto are recorded at Teatro Minaz,  giving birth to the third CD of Movimento Violão. The project will  count with the  support of SESC in São Paulo, of FUNDART and  Secretaria Municipal de Cultura in Araraquara,  and  of  Cia  Minaz  in  Ribeirão Preto. In addition, the project will also receive support of  Augustine guitar strings (USA), Tecno Road and EPTV (TV Globo  related).    

In the 2012 edition, the project was approved by ProAc and received  sponsorship of Usina São Manoel, FUNDART and Prefeitura Municipal  de Araraquara. In the program, we count with international featured  artists such as legendary Duo Assad, Carlos  Barbosa-Lima, Pablo  Márquez, Eduardo Isaac, among others. Still in this edition,  Movimento Violão presented the premiere of “Lendas Amazônicas”,  Fantasia Concertante for two guitars and orchestra by composer  Marco Pereira. The work was written specially for the occasion and  was performed for the first time at SESC Vila Mariana (SP),  November 6th, with the Orquestra Metropolitana, conducted  by  Rodrigo Vitta, and featuring soloists Marco Pereira and Paulo Martelli. 
Movimento Violão 2012 was fully recorded by SESCTV, in a DNarte  Brasil procuction (São Paulo). In Ribeirão Preto, the concerts were  recorded in audio/vídeo by Cia Minaz and the highlights of the season  gave birth to the second DVD of the series.  


Movimento Violão began in the city of Araraquara (state of São  Paulo) in 2003, at Teatro da Biblioteca Municipal. Due to its fast  growing success, since 2006 it has been also presented at Teatro  Municipal (Araraquara).
The project was created by Brazilian guitar  virtuoso  Paulo  Martelli,  who  is  curator,  producer  and  coordinator  of  the series.  Initially Movimento Violão was a component of the  programs offered by the Oficinas Culturais, which instructed about  200 guitar students in Araraquara. 
In 2007, Movimento Violão expanded its activities by including  concerts in the cities of Ribeirão Preto (at Theatro Pedro II) and  São  Paulo (at  Centro de Cultura Judaica). After such expansion  Movimento Violão became the only series to present consecutive  concerts in three Brazilian cities.

 In  December  of  2011  the  project  gained international proportions after starting to present concerts   also at Kennedy Center, in Washington DC, USA.  Since the beginning, Movimento Violão concerts were recorded in CD,  VHS and DVD producing a historical archive which displays the  diversity of the instrument. During its 2009-10 season, Movimento  Violão was recorded for SESCTV, generating the show  “Movimento Violão”.
Movimento Violão was always fully supported by local press, which  gave its events first pages of prestigious newspapers and in the  prime time of EPTV (TV channel related to Rede Globo in the country  side of São Paulo).
  The series received great support from local media, appearing in the  front page of principal newspapers and in the prime time of EPTV. During its ten years of existence, Movimento Violão has presented the best professionals of guitar,  including world-wide renowned  musicians. The project has generated  two CDs and one DVD, which  have been freely distributed in music schools around the country.

The first CD of the project, entitled  “Movimento  Violão  Ano  III”, was  released in São Paulo in December of 2007, with a landmark concert  that showcased fifteen different artists. The CD registers the series’  importance in the national music scene since it is an example of how  concert guitar promotion was brought up to a new higher level in São  Paulo, Araraquara and Ribeirão Preto.
The project has already presented renowned guitarists from Brazil  and abroad, including Duo Assad, Eduardo Issac, Pablo Marques,   Jorge Caballero, Marco Pereira, Paulo Martelli, Brasil Guitar Duo,  Franz Halász, Cecília Siqueira,  Fernando Lima,  João Paulo Figueiroa, Ulisses Rocha, Edson Lopes,  Duo Siqueira  Lima,  Geraldo  Ribeiro,  Gilson Antunes,  Angela Muner,  Chrystian Dozza, Paulo Bellinati and Weber Lopes, Edelton Gloeden, Fabio Zanon, Pedro Martelli,  Francisco Araujo, Angela Muner, Gustavo Costa,  Amadeu  Rosa,  Vitor  Garbelotto, Quaternaglia, Regina Albanez, Alieksey Vianna, Ulisses  Rocha,  Duo Priedols Kacelnik, Quarteto Tau, João Kouyoumdjian,  Andre Simão, Franciel Monteiro, Lucas Pullin, among others.



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